Michael White (@1.8) vs Jordan Brown (@2.0)

Our Prediction:

Michael White will win

Michael White – Jordan Brown Match Prediction | 04-10-2019 09:30

Aomine explains the concept of the Zone to his teammates for better understanding as he continues to watch the outcome of the match. During the finals match, Aomine observed Kagami's plays and commented on him entering the Zone right from the start. When Seirin lose their spirits, Aomine joins Ogiwara in calling out to Kuroko and Kagami to cheer them on.[49] When he did, Seirin realized the spirits of their opponents which they are carrying.

After Aomine was defeated by Kagami, he regained his love for basketball and asked Momoi to go shopping with him the next day so that he could buy some training gear. She smiles at this and starts to call him "Dai-chan" again, and adds that she will only do that if he buys her dinner.[68] Since then, the two have been shown together more often.

When KaijfacedT, Aomine initially overwhelmed Kise as he couldn't overcome his admiration for Aomine, but when Kise began utilising his copy-cat to mimic Aomine's style he was pushed on the back foot. After the match which was won by T, Imayoshi revealed that Aomine had an even higher level. He eventually managed to stop Kise's last attempt as he passed to Kasamatsu.

Aomine is later seen walking with T Academy onto the Winter Cup court, to prepare for their match against Seirin High, where heis announced as the "Genius scorer of the Generation of Miracles".[17] Both teams enter the court and Kagami approaches Aomine. Aomine notices that Kagami had improved. Kagami admits that he has been practicing, and then Aomine runs intoKuroko. Seirin and T line up and wish each other a clean match. Kuroko declares that Seirin will not lose a second time and Aomine agrees to settle it this time for sure.


When Kuroko was promoted to playing with the starters, his play was very in sync with Aomine's. Aomine was a starter at first, when Kuroko was still a third stringer. That didn't matter to Aomine, because he saw the same amount of basketball passion in Kuroko that he had. They practiced together after training and quickly became friends to the point where Aomine called Kuroko Tetsu. Aomine was Kuroko's best friend and "light" back at Teik Junior High School.

Aomine faces Kagami again passing him, however, Kagami driven by his desire to win for his teammates enters the Zone as well and steals the ball from Aomine.[36] Aomine tells Kagami that he takes back what he said before and tells him that he's the best. Seirin agrees and Kagami goes to guard Aomine facing him in a one-on-one battle.[35] Aomine passes Kagami easily and scores the basket. Aomine scores again using his formless shot. He tells Aomine that everyone believes in the ace who carries the team's hopes. Aomine evades the other Seirin players who try to block him and scored the basket. Aomine has scores constructive points which resulted in the score of 85 - 92 for T. During the time-out Kagami asks his teammates to let him guard Aomine by himself. Seirin has the ball but it gets stolen by Aomine during a pass between Izuki and Hyga. During Seirin's counterattack, Kuroko saves the ball from going out of bounds, allowing Seirin to score.

After the date Momoi ran to his house to show off the stuffed toy Kuroko had given her as a present, Aomine was completely uninterested and he only responded with a "Yeah, yeah, congratulations." It was implied that Aomine already knows that Kuroko does not return her feelings (or is even aware) but keeps quiet as not to upset Momoi. He was dragged by Kise to go spy on them and he was the one who worked behind the scenes to get rid of possible interlopers who wanted to hit on Momoi.[69] He was even seen estimating Momoi's cup size (he guessed that she was E-cup at that time) after she made her appearance. Aomine is neither supportive nor against Momoi's crush on Kuroko, as shown by both the Replace novels and an omake in which Kuroko and Momoi went on a date.

Aomine punched Haizaki in the face to protect Kise after he realizes that Haizaki intended to take revenge for his loss against Kise- not thinking of the consequences and claiming that Haizaki had no right to interfere with the Kaij and Seirin's match. Kise, during their high-school time, admires Aomine like an idol and sets him as a role-model, but having broken free from that mindset- he managed to attain perfect copy and copy Aomine's style. In their Teik flashbacks, Aomine was shown to be often annoyed by Kise's antics like the other teammates, though the two of them still maintained a close relationship.

When entering the Zone, one forgets everything and focuses solely on the game. Only the elite of the best of the best of players are allowed to enter the Zone, and Aomine seemed to have forced his way in. In Aomine's case, his speed doubles at the least, his power increases drastically. It is a superlative of regular concentration. Opening the gate to the Zone means opening the gate to your full potential, the full 100% of one's capabilities and abilities.


Under this influence, he is "in the zone", which means that nobody else can stop him unless he or she is in the Zone as well. Zone is a state of being that Aomine can access once he has found a worthy opponent and reached his full potential.

The Seirin players, T players and the familiar faces in the crowd note what intense battle it is between Aomine and Kagami, seeing how evenly matched they are. On the court, Aomine shoots his formless shot again but is stopped by Kagami, much to everyone's surprise.[24] Kagami tells Aomine that he doesn't mind entertaining him, if he still plans to take it easy. Aomine has the ball and uses his speed and agility to evade Kagami who is blocking him. He shoots his formless shot which everyone suspects is an alley-oop with Wakamatsu, however, Aomine tells then not to jump to conclusion an instead runs up to the hoop and scores the basket himself.[23] Aomine then faces Kagami who has the ball. Koganei came from behind to use a screen which failed, but Kagami still manages to use his teammates' presence and scores a basket.