Daniel Wells (@1.4) vs Nigel Bond (@2.88)

Our Prediction:

Daniel Wells will win

Daniel Wells – Nigel Bond Match Prediction | 04-10-2019 14:00

Both players had rather comfortable routes to Judgement Day. The closest tie yet, both players are in cracking form. While Gary Wilson got past Lam and Dale with flattering scorelines, Liang Wenbo scored four centuries against Basem Eltahhan and amateur David Grace, Liang has won the last three meetings against Wilson, but may have nightmare over being whitewashed by Jamie Jones last year. Liang is just too inconsistent to pull through I think. I expect Wilson to pull through and stall Liang.

Two young players who have grafted their way as a professional snooker player for many years. While Donaldson cemented his place in the Top 64, Lu is still outside it, but he has another year on his card to get there. I would like to see Scott win here because he seemed unfazed by big occasions. After Anthony McGill, there havent been many Scots coming through recently. He needs to receive that baton. Most importantly, this match means that there will definitely be a debutant in this years World Championships. Both players beat good opponents in Mark King and Ken Doherty.

This is a very interesting match. Un-Nooh made little work of Johnathan Bagley and Mark Joyce and will want to make make the most of this opportunity. While he is fantastically calm, he has a lot on his hands. Joe OConnor was relatively anonymous in the first half of the season but is daring greatly here. Reaching the semi-finals in the Welsh Open, beating John Higgins for the second time in the China Open and reaching the final qualifying round by defeating European Masters champion Jimmy Robertson 10-9.

Both Judge and Cahill swept aside seeds Peter Lines, Andrew Higginson, Xiao Guodong and Michael Holt. An amateur will definitely make it to the Crucible for the first time in its history. A lot of people say this is fantastic for the game for the true underdog story while little say that the amateurs say little in the first place. You didnt predict this would happen. Stop lying to yourself. What we dont know yet is which one.

Snooker International Championship 2019Round prediction

As an unranked player on the tour Wells would need to win four qualifying matches to reach the main draw of the ranking events.

Michael Judge made three appearances at the World Snooker Championships, the most recent being 2008. Considering he was told on Monday he would be replacing Zhang Jiankang due to visa issues, he is certainly making the most of it! James Cahill is racking up the centuries and is playing to a standard that made us wonder why he didnt perform like that when he was a professional between 2013-2017. He came through two deciders himself. Considering he was thinking of quitting a while back, this is quite a turnaround. Purely on scoring power, I will go for Cahill. I honestly dont know who would win here.

In his 4 qualifying matches, he played the maximum 76 frames. However, at the World Championship, Wells needed a good run of results to ensure his place on the tour for the following season. His ranking rose to No. 70 as a result of his exploits that season. A sequence of 109 wins over Li Hang, Ian Preece and Marcus Campbell took him to the final qualifying round where he lost 910 to Barry Hawkins in the final qualifying match.

Like Sharav, he had to fight hard to reach Judgement Day. As he cemented his place next season via the one-year ranking list, he will play with little pressure. I predict a close match, but it is Zhou Yuelong for me. Another result I didnt see coming, Eden Sharav defeated Ricky Walden in the deciding frame. Considering he represented Scotland and Israel over the past couple of seasons, I have no idea if he will be called the first Israeli at the World Championships. Zhou, like Yan, is struggling and he will want to make a second appearance here. Sharav made his breakthrough by reaching the Northern Ireland Open semis this season.

Now that Judgement Day has come upon us, it seems we have a cosmopolitan set of fixtures. We are already set to make history. If there is anything that any sport loves for the papers to lap up, its history-making! There are nine Chinese players, a Thai, an Irish, a Norwegian, a Cypriot, an Israeli and the usual posse of some English, Irish and Welsh players. An amateur will qualify for the World Championships for the first time.

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Neither player has faced each other in a match larger than a BO7 and the longer format fits them both. Both players reached the second round of the World Championship last year, but unfortunately this time, one of these fine players has to go. This is a proper clash of the titans. However, I will go with Milkins based on form alone. Both have very good Crucible records, especially Anthony McGill, who was present every year since 2015.

I would back Stevens due to all-round game and experience. In the second round, he got past a tricky tie against Chris Wakelin 10-7. I knew Tian Pengfei will throw the spanner into any works. Matthew Stevens qualified twice in the past four years and this is his favoured format. Like when he emphatically beat top seed Ryan Day 10-3. He is an enigma who performs better against top opponents and falls against players as low as his ranking.