Andreas Seppi (@1.44) vs Enzo Couacaud (@2.62)

Our Prediction:

Andreas Seppi will win

Andreas Seppi – Enzo Couacaud Match Prediction | 15-09-2019 15:00

The last time they met 2 years ago on the land of Roland Garros, Fognini defeating 3 sets. The score is 5-4 in favor of Fognini, the two sharing their supremacy, if the first four matches won Seppi, the next five returned to Fabio. At 35, Seppi is one of the circuit veterans and one of the most respected players.Down to the 71st position, the Italian is no longer the same wear player, losing his precision and patience with the advancing age.After a good season start, with Sydneys final, lost to De Minaur, the Paris tour finds Seppi in a miserable form, with 9 defeats in a row, the last victory having it just in mid-February.Against his compatriot Fognini there was an old rivalry, the two meeting nine times, out of which 8 games on clay.

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At the age of 32, Italian Fognini is perhaps the best season of his career, managing to reach the 11th position for the first time this year.Fabio is one of the clay season performers, surprisingly succeeding in imposing himself on Monte Carlo, after defeating Rafa Nadal in the semifinals after an almost perfect match of the Italian.At Roland Garros the best performance was achieved in 2011, quarter finals, last year being eliminated in the 4th round. The last time he left home after the very first tour, it happened in 2016.


Couacaud will be forced to risk many shots and I see him making many unforced errors. It is true that Enzo can be a dangerous player but he is not the right key to beat Andreas' tennis that is very solid. I like to bet on Andreas Seppi to win in straight sets this one. He is playing very good this week, he looks very motivated and he is much more better player than Enzo Couacaud. I see a very solid game by Andreas here. I don't see the french players winning a set in this one and odds are good.